My daughter…

Getting pictures of this kid is getting harder and harder…Sigh!!



Here’s a picture I took of my son one morning. As you can see he wasn’t too thrilled having his picture taken. I was playing around in Lightroom and used this picture. I really like the way it came out. It looks grainy, but I think it works with this picture.

Editing Overload..

I have doing some editing this weekend and it’s been pretty much the same picture over and over and over and over again..LOL!! I’m trying to learn what looks right and what doesn’t. I did learn quite a bit about contrast and how I tend to over do it. Like always, I need to find that happy middle place

I did downloaded  the Lightroom 3 trial version this weekend and I can’t believe I waited so long. After watching some videos I have an idea of how it works. I plan on purchasing LR4 as soon as it comes out.

Here’s the picture I edited about 20 times..LOL!!

What’s wrong with it?

I took this picture and I really like the way it came out except for one thing…I took a picture that goes right up her nostrils. It wasn’t until I was done editing it that I realized this. I really like this pose and I’ve seen other photographers use it and theirs look so much better. Now I know why. Note to self…No more nostril shots!! It’s one of those details  that I have to remember to pay attention to.


Having some fun…

Just some practice shots I took this weekend. They were taken in the middle of the day, so I had to be creative to get them to come out decent. There was no shade in the front yard so I had my daughter hold up my reflector to create some it. It was a bit challenging for her since my reflector is pretty big, but was a trooper and held it up. These are my favorite are my favorite shots. I’m finding that I like using negative space in my pictures. There’s something about it I really like.



Worker Bee…

Took a walk through the local preserve today and too some pictures. It was beautiful today and the wild flowers are beginning to bloom. I just love spring in the desert.  These were two of my favorite pictures. I was following a little worker bee around while he did his thing and I caught him just as he was flying away.


Birthday Girl..

Here’s a fun picture of my daughter. Today is her 12th birthday and I wanted to get a birthday picture with only the candlelight. We have a small bathroom with a small window, so I covered the window to make it as dark as possible and had my daughter hold a cupcake with the candle.  This was the best one out of the bunch. This will also be my submission for week 7 in the 52 week challenge. This week’s theme is wild card, so I can submit any picture I want.

More Practice…

I had some fun with a friend’s daughter the other day. Since my kids are tired of having their pictures taken I have resorted to borrowing children! 🙂  I had a lot of fun with this little girl; she is such a little character and super cute!!